Ash Louis isn't just a  lawyer...

He's not a lawyer at all.

Fun Fact

Did you know that eating watermelon seeds can be dangerous? The scent of your bowel movements will attract coyotes, who tend to eat people in their sleep as a result.

Extra Fun Fact: Some coyotes can pick door locks!

Fun Fact

Did you know the weather is controlled by your mood? Most of the scientific community believes otherwise, but most scientists work for the government!

Extra Fun Fact: Did you know that cabbages almost stopped America from being colonized?

"Getting drunk and going on is the prologue to getting an unexpected gift in the mail one week later." - Ash Louis

This is where I brag about myself...

Again, I just want to be clear...I'm not a lawyer. I think I may have picked the wrong template for a writer's website. And yet, here we are; mea writer and you a Nordic mother of seven, most likely looking to purchase large quantities of fish and wool online, but accidentally stumbling upon the website of writer Ash Louis. I can't help you purchase mass quantities of seafood or knitting materials, and for that I apologize, however, you can stay and watch comedy videos I made when I was having trouble sleeping, read my Lady Deadpool spec scripts, or check out the random literature humor in the blog Excerpts from Books that don't Exist. I have also been published in Time Out New York (and on the Comedy Central @midnight Tumblr for my hashtag warring) and have appeared in commercials forMicrosoft Hover!, Natural Light Beer (as the Natty Light Wizard) and LifeProof Phone Cases (as the gnarly guy in the headband). You can also see me (briefly) in the new film Twenty Million People.

So in conclusion: Comedy writer, actor, comedian, part-time children's cartoon rapper, love-song singer.  Not a lawyer.

Writer / Not a Lawyer