An alcoholic cop in rural Oklahoma accidentally kills a man during a routine traffic stop and in covering it up, draws the suspicions of a new rookie on the force.

"Tight as a drum and entirely character driven, this taut thriller mines plenty of tension from its close-knit cast of characters, all of them brought to life through an attention to realistic detail. 8/10" 

- Black List Pro Review

"With the right character actors and prestige director, this film could live on shelves next to early Coen Brothers masterpieces. 7/10"
- Black List Pro Review

"The fact it can be made on a modest budget and is a well-written, fast-moving entertaining script means this project would be a smart investment for a producer or studio. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review

​"This is the type of movie that eschews mindless gunplay in favor of confident pacing and full-bodied characters...this project could certainly find commercial success theatrically. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review

"This script could be produced on a low to medium budget while offering captivating cinematic visuals, which makes it attractive as a studio movie. It could be pitched as FARGO meets TRUE DETECTIVE. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review


        Two Arkansas deputies attempt to track down a group of escaped convicts, while little do they know the convicts have become entangled with a fanatical religious family hiding deep in the backwoods.

"CLAY is a vivid, highly cinematic story that is sure to keep audiences and executives alike on the edges of their seats, reeling from this script's many suspenseful and gut-wrenching scenes. 7/10"

- Black List Pro Review

"A very well-written, gripping script... also a chilling script and at every plot turn, the script deepens the horror of what is unfolding. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review

"The levity offered up in this dark script establishes a wonderfully ironic tone reminiscent of FARGO... Religious themes akin to THE WITCH & EYES OF MY MOTHER are common in horror films yet this script still makes them feel refreshing. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review

"...the script is incredibly well-written, the plot is taut and engaging, and the premise feels at once timeless and very current. The diversity of the cast and the complexity of the characters means that this script will likely be able to attract a very high level set of actors, and it's easy to imagine the script inviting the interest of bothmajor studios and indie producers. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review


     A man struggling with an anxiety disorder agrees to house sit for a wealthy family on vacation, only to find that someone may be living in their abandoned guest house. 

​​"GUEST HOUSE has a very production friendly profile, an intense, thrilling plot and climactic, satisfying third act. This makes it an exciting project worthy of consideration and development in the low budget and indie thriller-horror space. 7/10"

-Black List Pro Review

Screenplays by Ash J. Louis


         In the future people grapple with the decision to live out their natural lives or take an immunization that guarantees them sixty healthy years -- and nothing more beyond that.

"As all good sci-fi does, [this] script takes a basic fear or trait of humanity, and finds some fantastical happening to make us reflect on ourselves... 8.3/10" 

- WeScreenplay Review

Best TV Pilot - 3rd Place - London Film Awards (2013)
- Department 4-10

Quarter-FinalistScreenCraft Action & Thriller Script Contest (2016)
- Catalina

Quarter-Finalist - WeScreenplay Shorts Contest (2017)
- The Guaranteed Sixty

Official SelectionTTP Screenplay Contest (2017)

- The Guaranteed Sixty

Official Finalist​ - Oregon Film Awards (2017)


Semi-Finalist - ScreenCraft Drama Contest (2017)

​- A Long Shadow at Noon

​*The Red List - A LONG SHADOW AT NOON and CLAY  have both made it into the overall Top 20 on Coverfly'sThe Red List, (topping out at #5 and #9 ​-- and making it to #3 and #5 on the Top Rated Thrillers list). In addition, GUEST HOUSE  ​has made it to #6 on the list of Top Rated Horror Scripts.

Awards / Placements

​​Ash J. Louis - Screenwriter